2012 Summer Training—Crystallization-study of the Minor Prophets


The Centrality and Universality of Christ and the Union of God and His People to Be a Universal Couple
The Restoration of Israel—Transformation in Life by God’s Love
Three Implications concerning Christ
The Central Thought of the Book of Joel with Its Controlling Prophecy of Four Kinds of Locusts
The Universal History according to God’s Economy—the Divine History within the Human History
The Descent of the Mighty Ones
Christ Coming Back as the Real David to Restore His Kingdom
The Greater Jonah
Christ’s “Goings Forth” from the Days of Eternity
The Building of the House of Jehovah
Experiencing the Healing Christ in Malachi for the Lord’s Second Coming and the Consummation of the Age
The Revival Revealed in the Minor Prophets

2012 Summer Training Banners

God’s economy in His loving chastisement of Israel,
in His governmental dealing with Israel,
and in His judgment upon the nations
issues in the manifestation of Christ as the centrality
and universality in God’s economy
to bring in the kingdom, the age of restoration.

We believers in Christ are members of the Body
of Christ as the organism of the Triune God,
and we should aspire to be the overcomers,
the mighty ones, who will enlarge
the manifestation of Christ by walking according
to the mingled spirit, who will return with Christ
to deal with Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon,
and who will be His co-kings in the millennium.

The church as the house of Jehovah,
the Father’s house, is the dwelling place of God—
the place where God can have His satisfaction
and rest and where God lives and moves to accomplish
His will, to satisfy the desire of His heart,
and to carry out His eternal economy
to consummate the New Jerusalem
as His eternal goal for His eternal expression.

We can live in the divine history within human history
and enter into a new revival to end this age
by arriving at the highest peak of the divine revelation
of the eternal economy of God through the ministry
of the age, by living the life of a God-man,
and by shepherding people according to God
for the building up of the church as the house of God,
the mutual abode of God and man.