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Young Peoples’ Conferences In-Person Fellowship and Safety Protocols

“… Among the divisions of Reuben / There were great resolutions in heart…There were great searchings of heart.” Judges 5:15b-16d
This past Thursday, October 7 we had a particular time with the Parents and Serving Ones to fellowship related to the upcoming conferences that will be carried out in Anaheim using a hybrid format.
There will be the opportunity to gather in-person using the district 1 meeting hall or virtually by Zoom. This is a “pilot program” step towards going back to in-person gatherings, yet also a voluntary choice needed to be made by each household. Because of this, we ask those considering to participate in-person to observe recommended COVID-19 safety protocols (see link below).

YP Conference COVID-19 Safety Protocols document

For those that missed this important fellowship, you can watch the video by clicking HERE.

Service Availability Sign-up:
During this meeting, we also presented the crucial need for each one’s portion in serving. If all of us participate we will be able to carry out these conferences in a solid way. Our recommendation is for the parents and serving ones along with our young people that join in-person to make themselves available at least once during the conference.
The services range from before, during, and after each day’s session according to your availability. To indicate your availability please fill out the brief form HERE.

2021 California-wide Young Peoples’ Conference Registration:

October 15-17 Junior High Conference
October 22-24 High School Conference


Registration Deadline
October 3 for Junior High
October 10 for High School

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