Training Registration

Semiannual Training Registration

Living Stream Ministry will hold its semiannual training by webcast from December 20-25. Everyone who registers is required to study either in a group session at a prescribed time each day or by private arrangement for at least 30 minutes (but preferably for one hour) per message.

Registrants must be at least 17 years old. Any registrant under the age of 17 must provide an elder’s recommendation to the local training coordinator.

The training donation is $125 per trainee ($128 if paying online through PayPal)whether attending full-time or part-time. The donation is non-refundable. Those participating in the training within the same residence should register and submit a training donation for each participant. There are no shared seats for this training.

Registration will be conducted online and by mail. To register online, please fill out an online registration form and pay the donation. To register by mail, please fill out a print version of the registration form and mail it, with a check for $125 made out to the Church in Anaheim (do not send cash), to:

Church in Anaheim
P. O. Box 8583
Anaheim, CA 92812

Note: This form can be filled out online but must be printed and sent in paper form.

The deadline to register without a late charge of $25 is Lord’s Day, December 5.