Testimony of Finding Reality in the Local Churches

I am now a middle-aged woman living in California, enjoying my family, gardening on the weekends, and doing a job that I like very much. But it wasn’t always so. Twenty-five years ago I reached a point when I realized that I didn’t know the meaning of my human life. Not having grown up a Christian, I didn’t know the Bible and I had never heard the gospel. This left me wondering about why I was born and what purpose my life served. After college and graduate school I traveled for a few years throughout the world looking for reality and a group of people who were living it practically. After many and varied experiences I concluded that no one, including myself, could tell me why I was alive or what the meaning of human life was. Then one day I met a group of Christians meeting as the local church who not only believed in the Lord Jesus and his Word, but also lived in real fellowship with Him. God was real and living in these people. He was so real, in fact, that I saw Him manifested in their speaking, their relationships, their whole lives. This caused me to open my heart to the Lord Jesus, call on His name to receive Him, and become a genuine child of God. This was just the beginning of my relationship with Christ and His Body. Not only was my initial experience good, but I also received the proper nourishing in the spiritual life though the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Every day through these ministries I have been encouraged to take the Word of God as food in order to grow in the Lord. Their speaking is a continual opening of the Word to me so that I can receive fresh light and truth in my contact with the Lord. I am very happy to be a Christian, especially a living, functioning member of the Body of Christ serving the Lord in the local church. This gives meaning and reality to my human life.

Bennie Danker