Remembrances of Brother Lee

One day in the 1960s I was given the booklet A God Who Hides Himself. I never had heard of such a thing in the Bible, that when you think or feel you are spiritual, actually God is distant from you and is not near, and that when you feel most desolate and deserted, God is the most near. The reason I could respond to this truth was because this had become so much my experience. I wondered who the author was who had so much insight of the Scriptures and of believers. The only indication was the initials W. L. at the end of the writing.

Later I came to know of Witness Lee, learned of the local church in Los Angeles, and moved to that locality where Witness Lee laboriously and faithfully ministered the Word. At this stage I was beginning to realize that the God who hides Himself is also the God who loves to reveal Himself in Christ, the all-inclusive Christ. Since 1964 for me, and I’m sure for others, Witness Lee opened up truth after truth from the Bible in the various studies and then the truths concerning the organic Body of Christ culminating in the New Jerusalem.

I shall be eternally grateful to Witness Lee for his ministering concerning God’s economy throughout all these years. Particularly, I am thankful for his explaining in a simple way and in so many different ways the matter of the Spirit with our spirit. Seeing that Christ is now the life-giving Spirit in my human spirit has been a help to know how a believer can live the God-man life. Nothing else before could ever change my outlook or disposition. Now when I am reminded to live by my spirit and walk according to the spirit, and do this, I have to say I experience a measure of reality of living through the cross by the Spirit for the building up of the Body of Christ with the goal of the New Jerusalem.

May the Lord continue to use the writings of Witness Lee to gain believers for the fulfilling of His plan in His economy so that Christ can come back.