My Little Testimony

I am from Korea. My husband, son, and I moved to Anaheim ten months ago. Even though my English is not so good, I would like to give my little testimony to the believers in Christ through the Internet.

It was in my senior year at college that I contacted the local church for the first time. In those days every morning my friends and I would read the Bible in the cafeteria. One day, when we read John chapter 3, I found that Nicodemus’s question was also my question: “How can a man be born when he is old?” (John 3:4). Even though I spent college years being a Christian I didn’t know even the meaning of regeneration.

At this juncture, my friends and I knew a Christian brother on campus who enjoyed meeting with the local church. He cared for us faithfully for six months. In 1984, when Witness Lee visited Korea, we were invited to attend the conference. I didn’t even know who Witness Lee was and what the subject of the conference was, but we were warmed up to the conference just because of the faithfulness of this brother who shepherded us. As a result I made up my mind to pray to the Lord about meeting with the local churches. Was this God’s desire and was this pleasing to Him?

Now my husband and I have consecrated ourselves to the Lord. The longer we stayed in the local church the more we found we loved the Lord. One of the helps which I received is from the video ministry of Witness Lee. Through the video ministry I got enlightened in truth so much. Even through I couldn’t attend the live ministry conference because of the limitation of the time and place in Korea, through the video ministry I could enjoy and participate in this ministry. I attended almost every video ministry meeting. As a result, the Lord opened my eyes and ears and gained my heart and made me consecrated to the Lord more than ever before.

I really worship and thank the Lord because of this ministry, and I want to serve my Lord forever and ever. Praise the Lord! Grace be with you.

Priscilla Woo