I Ended My Search

As a young person in the late 1960’s, I was searching for the meaning of my human life. In 1969, I received the Lord Jesus while attending the University of Missouri. When I met Him I fell in love with Him and dedicated my whole life to Him.

Soon afterward there was a yearning in me to know the meaning of my Christian life. Someone gave me some books by Watchman Nee about the Christian life and the church life. This inspired me to carefully read the book of Acts, and to look for the church life that matched what I read in the Word. Within weeks, the Lord brought me to Mansfield, Ohio, where I attended my first meeting with the local church in that city, the church in Mansfield. Immediately, I knew I was home. This was what I was looking for, the practical expression of the church on the earth.

That same summer I went to a conference in Los Angeles. Witness Lee was speaking about Christ and the Church in Psalms. I decided to move to Los Angeles and begin to meet with the church in Los Angeles. Witness Lee also lived there and met with the church in Los Angeles. I had the privilege of being in many church meetings, conferences and trainings with him for the next 28 years. I knew Witness Lee and his wife, very well and saw their sanctified living.

The ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee have opened up the whole Bible to me from Genesis to Revelation. I saw God’s eternal heart’s desire. I found out that He wanted to make me a mature member of the Body of Christ and to build me up with the other members to express Him on the earth in this age, and be His loving Bride to bring Him back.

I met my husband in the church in Los Angeles and we now meet with the church in Anaheim, enjoying the glorious church life and the rich Word unfolded by the Lord through the ministry.

I am a registered nurse, but my real occupation is to gain Christ and dispense Christ for the building up of the Body of Christ.