I am not Alone Anymore

I have three aspects I would like to cover. Firstly, what I was seeking; then, what I saw and the help I received; lastly, what kind of care the Lord gave to me.

I was reading the Bible one day and the Lord spoke to me from a verse, that I did not know how to contact the Spirit or walk in Him. This speaking bothered me greatly. So I began to read the New Testament once every two or three days. In this reading I was only looking for how to touch the Spirit or how to walk in Spirit (Gal. 5:25). I quit my job and pursued even harder for months. After some time by accident (now looking back) I did touch the Spirit, but still did not know how to walk in the Spirit. I was invited to a meeting of the church in Los Angeles by a dear brother in the Lord. We arrived one hour before the meeting and there were believers there already. We sat down, and within a few minutes someone spoke aloud and said, “Let’s touch the Lord by calling on His name.” We all began calling aloud, “O, Lord Jesus.” In a moment I knew it was the same deep sense, not mere emotions, that I had when I was alone seeking His face and presence. After the next meeting, two days later, and some fellowship with these lovers of Christ, I moved into the area so I could attend the local church meetings. I previously had not found anyone who could answer my questions, but that Christian brother who asked us to call on the Lord’s name unknowingly answered many of my prayers to my Lord and Master (Acts 2:21).

The help that I have received from the local church and the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee is too great to tell. It would take the sky as parchment and the oceans as ink to write the help that I have received to love the Lord as my first love each day (Hymns, #28). I can now fellowship with Him in my spirit. I have learned the way to walk in my spirit that is one with His Spirit (1 Cor. 6:17). I have learned about many matters concerning Christ, the house of God, the city of God, and can now apply this all to my daily living (Eph. 2:22, Rev. 21:2). I read the Bible many times before I came to the local church but I knew nothing of life and the Spirit. In the local church, I learned the meaning of my human life. I learned how to keep in fellowship with the Lord. I learned to love and believe the Bible more and more in my daily life. I learned how to open to other believers to fellowship. I learned to have a life of prayer. I learned to love the Lord and not the world or the things of the world. I learned how to get into the depths of the Word. I saw that God has an eternal purpose (Eph. 3:9-11). And I learned how to meet with God in the Holy of Holies, and the spiritual significance of the hidden Manna, the budding rod and the tablets of stone (Heb. 9:3,4). I love the Lord now more than I ever have before.

When I came to a meeting of the church in Los Angeles, I was so happy to be there. I found that this group of believers really loves the Lord. The church meetings were held on Wednesday, and Lord’s Day morning and evening. The ministry was read and spoken on Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. I was so greatly helped by this ministry. I was taught how to read the word in prayer to get deep into the word of God (Eph. 6:17-18). I remember prayerfully reading one verse for several months and each time getting something new from the Lord. The ones who shepherded me were dear lovers of Christ and lovers of the church, His Body (Eph. 1:22-23). Three older Christian brothers cared for me each time we met. They helped we with many aspects of the Christian life. One brother cared for me often because we lived in the same small apartment for a year or so. Another took care of me often also for he was retired and walked each morning to fellowship with the Lord and the believers when he saw them. But my longest and still remaining shepherds were and are Witness Lee and his wife. They cared for me for most of my life. Whether I was up or down they prayed and called me and cared for me in the Lord. Witness Lee received believers without discrimination, and without personal preference; likewise he received me. His example of living in the Lord’s presence daily was a real help to me to see one live what he spoke. I did not realize the example of his living had such an impact on me. But now I know this living example before my very eyes was a great help to me to live the same way, that the Lord and I would have one mingled life together. Now my senior Christian brother has run his course and encouraged me to run the race with endurance to WIN. For such a cloud of witnesses are around us cheering us on toward the goal of God’s eternal plan (Heb. 12:1). The shepherds who cared for me were the Lord’s loving kindness toward me. He showed me the church is a family, and hospital to heal the sick and ill-treated.

The most wonderful days of my life were when the Lord led me to the local churches, showed me His heart’s desire, and gave me such mature shepherds that received me openly into their caring hearts.