God-ordained Way Reading Program—
Week of October 28, 2012

We are continuing with Fellowship Concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups for the God-ordained way reading schedule for the churches in Anaheim, Cypress, and Orange. Detailed information including the full reading schedule is available at churchinanaheim.org/gowreading/.

This week we will be reading Fellowship Concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups, Messages 24 and 25. This book is available for purchase from Living Stream Ministry. You can also read it online at ministrybooks.org.

Fellowship Concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups Message 24 is on becoming vital and going to vitalize others. The way to carry out the four steps in the God-ordained way of begetting, feeding, perfecting, and building is by the vital groups. A vital group is living and full of activities. The way to become vital is to pass through the stages of fellowship with the Lord, the confession of our sins, re-consecration, a prayer life, and the filling of the Spirit. Also, we need to have a thorough and intimate fellowship with one another so that there can be the proper mutual intercession, mutual care, and mutual shepherding. The first step of action we should take is to contact the saints who are not in the groups and who are not yet vital. After this, we can begin to contact the sinners, including our relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. We have to pray desperately as we take action with the Lord to contact others. We should have living and active groups to gain others.

Message 25 is on overcoming three layers of obstacles by the vital groups. Worldliness, the opposition, and the denominations are three layers of obstacles to the Lord’s recovery in the United States. If we do not have the vital groups, we will still exist, but there will not be much hope of getting the typical American increase. Since we love the Lord and we are for the Lord’s recovery, we have to be vital at any cost. We have no choice. We must learn diligently and practice absolutely to be vital; then there is much possibility for us to gain a good number of the seeking ones.

Week 25: October 28th through November 3rd

If you have any questions or comments contact us at: gowreading@gmail.com.