God-ordained Way Reading Program—
Week of April 1, 2012

This week we continue with week 3 of the God-ordained way reading schedule for the churches in Anaheim, Cypress, and Orange. Detailed information including the full reading schedule is available at churchinanaheim.org/gowreading/.

This week we will be reading The Vital Groups, Chapters 5 and 6. This book is available for purchase from Living Stream Ministry. You can also read it online at ministrybooks.org.

The Vitals Groups Chapter 5 unveils the great commission of Christ in resurrection. In this chapter, we want to pick up a deeper understanding and application of the great commission than merely a description of the Lord’s charge to His disciples before He ascended. To carry out the great commission of Christ in resurrection, we must live the divine life in our human life. Resurrection means not to live our natural life but to live the divine life. Chapter 6 is the first of two messages on shepherding and teaching—the obligation of the vital groups. On the one hand, we should shepherd people by dispensing the divine life into them. On the other hand, we should teach them the divine truths in the divine, mystical realm. If we practice these thing, there will be a real revival in the Lord’s recovery.