Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

This page provides links to:

  • Sites with fellowship from the co-workers to the churches in the Lord’s recovery;
  • Fellowship provided by the leading brothers to the members of the church in Anaheim; and
  • Public health sources that provide reliable, useful information.

From the co-workers:

The Shepherding Words website contains:

  • A letter of fellowship from the co-workers to the saints in all the churches in the Lord’s recovery (in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese)
  • A letter from the North American co-workers in consultation with physician brothers regarding how the coronavirus spreads and steps to protect from contracting it

On March 31 the co-workers issued a call to the saints in the Lord’s recovery throughout the globe to pray round-the-clock for twenty-one days starting on April 1. On April 16, a letter from the co-workers extended this season of prayer through the end of April. The Unceasingly Pray website includes words of encouragement from Minoru Chen, Ron Kangas, Andrew Yu, and James Lee, as well as a list of prayer burdens, ministry excerpts on the importance of prayer, and a signup form to participate..

From the church in Anaheim:

Other valuable resources: