Announcements — Week of March 4, 2018

Daylight Savings
Daylight savings time change occurs on Lord’s Day, March 11. Please move your clocks forward  Saturday night.

Lord’s Day Meeting by Language Date Change
The church in Anaheim will meet by language on Lord’s Day, March 18 (originally March 11).

High School Conferences
The upcoming High School Conferences are now open for registration. The sisters’ conference will be held on March 9-11 at Oak Glen.
The brothers’ conference will be held on March 23-25 at Oak Glen. The registration deadline is Lord’s Day, March 11. To register, pick up a registration envelope in your district, complete the requested information with payment enclosed, and put it in an offering box before the applicable deadline.

Summer School of Truth
The church in Anaheim Summer School of Truth will take place on July 16-22. This year will start in Anaheim from Monday to Thursday with hospitality, and conclude with a weekend at Oak Glen. Hospitality is needed for approximately 120 young people for three nights. If you would like to open your home, please contact one of the YP serving ones.

Low-power FM Radio Station now Broadcasting
The church in Anaheim’s low-power FM radio station, KOCL 101.5 FM, is now active. You can pick up business cards and door hangers announcing that the station is available. A broadcast schedule is posted at