Announcements — Week of March 29, 2020

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Co-workers’ Letter to All the Saints in All the Churches
On March 26, 2020, the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery issued a letter to the saints in all the churches in response to the current pandemic. Their letter has words of encouragement and direction for our exercise to be faithful to the Lord and His recovery in our present circumstance. The letter is posted in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese on

Information on the Church’s Website
Visit to keep up to date with the leading brothers’ fellowship and with government and other valuable sources of information concerning the coronavirus pandemic.  This past week there were two major additions:

  1. A brief word of fellowship concerning prayer from the leading brothers in Anaheim; and
  2. A link to which has posted two letters of fellowship—one to the saints in all the churches from the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery and one to the responsible brothers in the churches in North America from the North American co-workers in consultation with physician brothers.

The fellowship concerning prayer and the co-workers’ letter to all the saints are posted in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Meeting Schedule
Because of concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), group gatherings in California are prohibited until further notice. In accord with this prohibition, the church in Anaheim has made the following temporary modifications to our meeting sched­ule:

  1. All small groups should meet remotely via videoconference or phone and not in person.
  2. There will be no Lord’s Day meetings, including children’s meetings in the meeting halls. We encourage small groups to meet via videoconference or phone for fellowship.
  3. Prayer meetings will be held remotely by small group via videoconference or phone.
  4. The Wednesday night ministry meetings will be cancelled.
  5. The young people’s meetings will be cancelled.

Arrangement for Financial Offerings
Because of the church’s ongoing financial obligations, during the time of the church’s modified meeting schedule, the financial offerings of the saints will be very much needed. Donations may be made either by U.S. Mail or electronically. Checks by U.S. Mail should be addressed to:

Church in Anaheim
P.O. Box 8583
Anaheim, CA 92812

Please do not send cash by mail or send checks to the church business office. If you can only donate cash, please fellowship within your group to designate someone to handle cash donations. That person should fellowship with the brothers overseeing the counting service in your district concerning how to pass the money on to the church.

You can give online using a credit or debit card or by PayPal through This method is the most in keeping with current State of California guidelines, and so as many saints as possible should give online.

Obtaining Copies of HWMR and Ministry Digest
To purchase a copy of the current issue of The Holy Word for Morning Revival and Ministry Digest, please fellowship with your small group and have one person contact one of the brothers overseeing the book sales service for your district to make arrangements.

Meeting Attendance
Since all the church meetings are now online, we are doing our best to work out a way to compile accurate attendance for the Lord’s Day meeting, the prayer meeting, the group meetings, and the other meetings that take place during the week. We hope that all the saints will be able to join as many of the online meetings as possible and that none will become isolated because of the recent changes. We encourage all those who are knowledgeable in conference calling to seek out and help all those who need help. Based on our experience so far, the Lord has blessed all the online meetings with His dear and cherishing presence and His rich dispensing through the fellowship of all the participants. In some cases saints who do not regularly attend certain meetings have been attending those meetings online, and more of the saints than ever are taking the opportunity to function by praying and speaking forth Christ. We expect that this blessing will continue as we make our way through the present health crisis. Please continue to pray for the meetings and the shepherding of all the saints through the small groups for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ.

SCYP Spring Pursuit
We are happy to announce the SCYP Spring Pursuit. This will be a 4-week conference, with weekly live sessions, pre-recorded messages, group times, and special fellowships. All of the young people are invited to this conference, both junior high and high school age, as well as their parents and serving ones.
Due to the current meeting restrictions, all of the sessions will be conducted online. For the live sessions, we will use Zoom, a conference service. Pre-recorded messages, materials, and updates will be posted weekly on the SCYP website. Please register at

Woodland Camp — A Training Center for All of Europe
Woodland Camp is a 17-acre site near London, England. It was acquired in 2013 with a view to developing it for trainings and weekend retreats for all of Europe. There is a renewed burden to focus on this crucial project and to support it with much prayer, going, and giving, so that the entire project can be completed in the most expeditious manner possible for the advance of the Lord’s move in Europe.
For reports and videos on the building projects and activities in Europe, visit: Offerings to meet this need should be designated, “Woodland Camp”.

LSM Internet Radio Station
LSM has announced the availability of a new Internet radio station at This new station will play hymns, Life-study of the Bible radio broadcasts, and spoken messages of the ministry 24 hours a day. A broadcast schedule is available on the website