Announcements — Week of June 17, 2018

Southwest College Training
The Southwest College Training will take place on July 9-15 at Oak Glen. To register, please visit The late registration fee has been waived, and registration is still open for $375 until June 17. The training is open to high school seniors and will cover “My Heart and My Spirit.” For more detailed information please contact Robert Kayekjian (, 714-623-1996).

Summer School of Truth Service Opportunities
The Summer School of Truth (SST) will take place on July 16-22. This year’s SST will begin in Anaheim and conclude at Oak Glen. There will be many opportunities for the saints to participate in services to care for our next generation. Please contact someone in your district for further information.

Giving for Oak Glen
Those who wish to give for the purchase of Oak Glen Christian Conference Center can give via PayPal or credit/debit card at the website Gifts can be made also by check through the church. Designate all gifts for Oak Glen.

Blending Conference Audios
Audio recordings of the Southern California Blending Conference are available at

FTTA-MA & FTTA Graduation
The graduation of the Middle-age Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA-MA) will take place on Saturday, June 23, at 10 am at the MCC. The graduation of the Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) will be held on Saturday, June 30, at 9:30 am at the MCC.