Announcements — Week of February 9, 2020

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Young People & Parents/Shepherds Bible Reading Challenge
There will be a Bible Reading Challenge for all young people and parents/shepherds. On Monday, February 10, we will begin reading through the book of Genesis at a pace of 3 chapters a week. We hope the parents/shepherds with the young people would endeavor in this together. For more details and to sign-up for this challenge, go to

Woodland Camp —A Training Center for All of Europe
Woodland Camp is a 17-acre site near London, England. It was acquired in 2013 with a view to developing it for trainings and weekend retreats for all of Europe. There is a renewed burden to focus on this crucial project and to support it with much prayer, going, and giving, so that the entire project can be completed in the most expeditious manner possible for the advance of the Lord’s move in Europe.
For reports and videos on the building projects and activities in Europe, visit Offerings to meet this need should be designated, “Woodland Camp”.

Sisters’ Fellowship Audio
The audio recordings of Brother Ron Kangas’ fellowship with the sisters on January 11, 2020 is available on the church in Anaheim website:

LSM Internet Radio Station
LSM has announced the availability of a new Internet radio station at This new station will play hymns, Life-study of the Bible radio broadcasts, and spoken messages of the ministry 24 hours a day. A broadcast schedule is available on the website.

High School Conferences Open Registration
Registration for the high school conferences is open. The conferences will be at Oak Glen, and the cost is $110. The sisters’ conference will be on March 13-15, and the brothers’ conference will be on March 20-22. To register, please pick up a registration envelop, complete the forms, and turn the envelope, with completed forms and payment enclosed, into the offering box before the deadline. The deadlines to register are February 23 for the sisters’ conference and March 1 for the brothers’ conference.