A Member of the Church in Anaheim

I was born in a Catholic family and was saved by the Lord at the age of 46. I was saved as I was driving my car and the Lord’s presence became real to me. I realized soon after that I couldn’t return to the Catholic Church. After I was saved I had a great hunger for the word of God. As a newborn Christian I traveled from place to place trying to find more of God. After seven years I was dried up for lack of spiritual food. Then the Lord put a book in my hands by Watchman Nee. This book revived me to the uttermost, and I read more of Watchman Nee’s writings. By the grace of God a believer came to my work place who was somewhat familiar with the local churches. Through him I began to meet with the local church. The Lord brought me to the church in Anaheim, California, and I came to know the ministry of Witness Lee. Praise God. I have been in the local churches for 22 years, the most wonderful years of my life.

I can only say praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I love You Lord. To all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ out of a pure heart, the Lord be with your spirit.

Bart Flanagan